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I have had the very enjoyable experience of working with Andy Savage for over 20 years. I have found his work to be consistently, without exception, of the highest quality. His knowledge and long experience in stonework and masonry have been extremely helpful to my design work both practically and aesthetically. I have found him easy to work with, very professional and helpful with clients. Andy’s ability to keep to a promised schedule and budget is nothing short of a blessing in projects where there are deadlines and many contractors to coordinate. He has helped me keep my promises and his work has made my landscape work look better. I have worked with him on projects as simple as a stone walk to multimillion dollar projects that involve stone buildings, water slides, spiral staircases, terraces, etc. Andy’s love for the work and his consistent effort to do the best job that can be done are characteristics that are rare and honorable.

Judy Murphy

Old Farm Nursery

My name is Richard E. McCue of Richard E. McCue Inc. I have been in business at the same location for 39 years, building a good portion of the larger homes and estates and major renovations in the tri-state area. About 26 years ago, Andy Savage and I started doing business and we have worked together ever since. His quality is outstanding and he always finishes projects on time. Over the years, his knowledge of landscape architecture and how things should look have helped him develop an impeccable eye. He runs a great crew and any problems that may arise, they are always able to sort out. As long as I am in business, I will continue working with Andy Savage. I would highly recommend you call him for any of your masonry needs.

Richard E. McCue

General Contractor, Richard E. McCue INC

I think you will enjoy this feature on our kitchen in Lakeville in January’s House Beautiful (page 94). It was the wood-burning oven and indoor grilling area of the kitchen that the magazine found so unique. Your work there was so important to the success of our plan; I wanted to thank you again.


Much that you did for us, inside and out, was significant to realizing our vision for our house. I've come to appreciate more than ever the meaning of attention to detail. So much is not really apparent, and yet it has an impact on the whole.


I particularly remember when you asked me if I wanted to repair one of the chipped demilune front steps or chip one beneath just a bit to match. I was pleased that you agreed on matching chips. I always thought that you understood what we were aiming for overall.

Carole Lalli


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